Internal Coating

High Performance Insulation For Internal Walls

Why is cork perfect for internal insultation?

Cork is a natural and breathable material that possesses excellent thermal properties, making it an ideal solution for internal use to address concerns with damp and mould. 

The porous nature of cork allows it to absorb and release moisture, preventing condensation build-up and promoting a healthier indoor environment. Additionally, cork’s thermal insulation properties can help regulate temperature and reduce energy consumption, resulting in a more comfortable and cost-effective living space.

Once coated, the internal walls are then skimmed and redecorated as normal, leaving an invisible thermal barrier to protect your home.

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The Benefits

icon weatherproof


With a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty and an ability to deal with anything the British weather can throw at it, an investment in Spray Cork coating will perform for decades, keeping your walls dry and warm.

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Thermal Performance

The natural thermal performance of the cork can reduce your heating bills by 15%. Our coatings are proven to be seven or eight times more insulating than traditional lime/sand renders.

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Fire Resistance

(Euro-class B safety rating), water resistant and breathable (this helps prevent mould and damp, gives people a healthier living and working space).


Eco Sustainable

Made from sustainable resources, cork exterior coatings are energy-saving and environmentally responsible. The cork used in our products contributes significantly to CO2 absorption and the battle against climate change.


Good Sound Insulation

Acoustic insulation goes hand in hand with thermal insulation. A cork coating can absorb up to 38dB of noise, giving occupants of roadside properties a more peaceful life.

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SprayCork is the ideal solution for internal as well as external coatings.

  • Sustainable and breathable natural product
  • Final coating is only 6-8mm thick so no need to worry about replacing fixtures and sockets
  • Can be plastered over with a thin layer for a smooth finish
  • You are left with an invisible solution that mould or damp cannot form on
  • Eco-friendly

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    Spray Cork offers many benefits over traditional internal insulation

    Spray cork is a versatile and innovative solution for insulating homes without altering the aesthetics of the property or its shape. Traditional insulation methods often require adding bulky materials to walls, which can impact the appearance of a room or a building’s exterior. With spray cork, a thin layer of material can be applied to internal and external walls, providing excellent insulation properties without compromising the original look of the property. This means that homeowners can have the best of both worlds, enjoying a comfortable and energy-efficient home without sacrificing the beauty of their living spaces.

    Breathability: Unlike traditional insulation materials, spray cork is breathable and allows moisture to escape, preventing the growth of mould and mildew.

    Thickness: Our spray cork system provides effective insulation with just 6mm of material, compared to traditional insulation that can be 50-100mm thick.

    Quick installation: The spray application process is quick and easy, with most homes being completed in just a few days.

    Aesthetically pleasing: Once applied, spray cork can be skimmed and decorated like any other wall, leaving a seamless, attractive finish.

    Eco-friendly: Cork is a renewable resource, making spray cork a sustainable choice for your home insulation needs.