External Render

Longer lasting Spray Cork Render

Upgrade the look of your home with the durable beauty of a Spray Cork Coating.

Enjoy the added benefits of lower heating bills, reduced maintenance and helping save the planet.

Easy Coatings exterior wall coatings use a thin layer of spray-applied natural cork, one of the world’s most incredible and sustainable natural resources. They require no maintenance or repainting and with a 25-year guarantee, provide outstanding value for money.

  • Highly water and weather resistant
  • Stylish, modern, uniform finish
  • Natural and eco-friendly

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The Benefits

Why SprayCork’s unique features make it a great investment for cracked, stained and failing renders.


High Durability

Our exterior wall coatings are highly durable and extremely weather resistant. With an expected lifespan of over 20 years, they last much longer than masonry paint and are much more cost-effective than re-rendering.

stylish finish

Stylish Finish

Our coatings come in a range of colours and can cover your home to create a stylish, modern and uniform finish. Cork’s natural resistance to algal and fungal growth means it also looks cleaner for longer.


Eco Sustainable

Made from sustainable resources, cork exterior coatings are energy-saving and environmentally responsible. The cork used in our products contributes significantly to CO2 absorption and the battle against climate change.

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Thermal Performance

The natural thermal performance of the cork can reduce your heating bills by 15%. Our coatings are proven to be seven or eight times more insulating than traditional lime/sand renders.

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With a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty and an ability to deal with anything the British weather can throw at it, an investment in Spray Cork coating will perform for decades, keeping your walls dry and warm.

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No More Unsightly Cracks

The natural flexibility of the cork means it can resist cracking and stop current hairline cracks opening up further.

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    Transform Your Property’s Exterior

    Our exterior wall coatings don’t only protect your building from the weather, they also add to the beauty of the design.

    If your home has 1970’s or 80s stone cladding, pebbledash, mismatching bricks, cracked/discoloured coverings or a mixture of different external materials, why not cover them to create a complete new look?

    Our products create a beautiful and durable finish to your walls in a range of modern and traditional colours. They also provide thermal insulation to reduce your heating bills, resist cracking and discolouration and they weather-proof your building while still allowing it to breathe.

    They are a low maintenance solution with a long lifespan. Our long-lasting, natural exterior wall coatings don’t fade, crack, chip or peel, they are breathable, flexible, weather-resistant and insulating.

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    Recent Case Study

    coastal cracked render repair
    coastal cracked render repair 2
    cracked render repair 7 1 scaled
    render repair scaled
    cracked render repair 9
    coastal cracked render repair 4 scaled

    By investing in a Spray Cork coating now, you can make major savings over a total re-render in the future, and start benefitting from corks many other features right away.

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      No, it is a textured finish. It’s slightly stippled, and it is the granulation of the cork which gives it its performance.

      Yes, it is possible to go over existing renders and other substrates and still get a 25-year product warranty. However, just to manage expectations, SprayCork will not hold your wall together so any blown or shot render will need to be rectified first. For example, if you have sand and cement render which is painted and has hairline or settlement cracks, as long as the substrate is solid you can go direct onto the render. The best thing to do is get an Approved Applicator to do a site survey and they will be able to advise you.

      Yes, absolutely. Spray Cork will go directly onto pebble dash, roughcast, dry dash, wet dash or stippled paint. Please note the overall thickness of SprayCork is around 6mm so the texture of the dash will still be visible. However, the finish will look more subtle and is very effective. If a smoother finish is required, a base coat will be needed first.

      Yes, Spray Cork will stick to any substrate (apart from silicone), including brickwork. As the overall thickness is around 3-4mm you will still see the mortar lines of the bricks. If you want a smoother finish a base coat will need to be applied before spraying the cork. Either finish looks effective so it is purely personal choice and/or budget. If the bricks are dusty a primer may be needed but the Approved Applicator will advise on this. If any pointing is missing this will need to be repaired prior to spraying.

      This is probably the most asked technical question. We don’t give a U-Value for the product on its own as that is determined by the complete build of the wall. If you wish to calculate the U-Value of your wall, SprayCork’s Lambda value is 0.058W/mk. We have test results which demonstrate the potential reduction in the U-Value, and these may be viewed in the blog section of our website. As SprayCork is one continuous skin with no joins or gaps, it improves air tightness of the walls which isn’t measured in U-Value testing.

      We have a standard colour range with 28 fade resistant colours. We also have a colour pigment machine in house which can make up to 1800 colours so if you have a specific RAL code we can make this colour (min order required 300m2 or development cost on smaller orders) for any commercial property orders.

      Yes, you can jet wash the cork but don’t get too close. If the pressure is too high, it will damage the cork (pressured water is a very effective blade!). Cork has anti-microbial properties and naturally resists against algae but an annual clean is recommended.

      The product warranty is for 25 years. The warranty covers any issues with the product failing. It excludes damage caused to the product after installation or poor workmanship.