Natural Cork Coating

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Introducing Spray Cork, a next generation building material helping to pave the way toward a greener future.

Spray Cork is a cutting-edge natural cork sprayed coating that offers a sustainable and innovative solution for a wide range of properties, including homes, residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Easy Coatings is proud to offer the benefits of Spray Cork to its clients. This low-maintenance and durable finish not only enhances the appearance of a property, but also offers excellent thermal and acoustic insulation by eliminating thermal bridges. Whether it’s for a new build or renovation project, Spray Cork provides a high-quality, long-lasting solution that is both eco-friendly and cost-effective.


Solutions To Insulate & Waterproof Your Property

Whether it’s facades, walls, floors or roofs, our long lasting eco-friendly products will coat your surface and can to help to solve your problems of thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and damp proofing.

corksol render

External Render

The Spray Cork provides properties with a durable and low-maintenance finish that is weatherproof and improves both thermal and acoustic insulation by eliminating thermal bridges.

thermocork cracked render repair

Over-spray & Crack Repairs

Spray Cork comes with a 25 year warranty over cracked render. Our long lasting solution adheres to any surface with no primer required and is a great solution for over-sprays.

thermocork wall insulation

Thermal Wall Insulation

An ultra-thin coating of Spray Cork will help to achieve high insulation values. Skimming over the cork results in a smooth finish at less than 10mm thickness with no disturbance of existing windows, coving or skirting boards.

thermocork condensation

Condensation & Damp Elimination

Spray Cork eliminates condensation by reducing thermal shock, acting as a thermal barrier. Spray Cork can adhere to any surface from metal to skimmed walls.

thermocork roofing

Industrial Roof

Spray Cork provides a thermal waterproof layer to any pitched roof without adding the weight associated with traditional material. Its easy application allows for large areas to be coated quickly, externally, without impacting on the building’s occupants.

conservatory roof thumbnail


Spray Cork provides a solution to insulate and weatherproof your home. When cork is used on conservatories it allows you to take control of the temperature inside, improving energy efficiency helping to reduce heating bills.

The Revolutionary Natural Breathable Building Coating

Spray Cork is the ideal replacement for traditional renovation systems. Breathable, flexible, weather resistant, insulating coating for commercial and domestic buildings.

Easy Coatings is proud to be a trusted approved applicator for Corksol UK, a leading provider of high-quality coatings and insulation systems. As an approved applicator, we have access to the latest technology and products from Corksol UK, enabling us to provide our clients with the best possible solutions for their coating needs.

corksol new spraycork

High Durability

Highly durable and flexible coating to prevent cracking (and reduce complaints).

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Super Adhesive

When it’s on, it stays on covering a range of surfaces, including steel.

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Patch Repairs

Patch repairs possible (avoids costly or time-consuming whole-wall re-rendering).

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Thermal Performance

Strong thermal insulator and reduces thermal bridges.

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Good Sound Insulation

Acoustic insulation goes hand in hand with thermal insulation. A CorkSol coating can absorb up to 38dB of noise, giving occupants of roadside properties a more peaceful life.

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Patch Repairs

Patch repairs possible (avoids costly or time-consuming whole-wall re-rendering).

Corksol, one of our trusted partners and suppliers, was recently featured on the popular TV show “Grand Designs.” The show highlighted the benefits of their innovative SprayCork product, which provides a sustainable and durable solution for properties of all kinds. We invite you to check out the video to see for yourself how this incredible product can transform any building project.

Spray Cork Benefits

  • Natural & Sustainable – Now with 40% more cork content, Spray Cork comes from a natural product and causes no permanent damage to the environment
  • Improved thermal performance – As a result of the added cork content, Spray Cork is the ultimate thermal regulator, which can reduce fuel costs
  • Improved quality – With more cork content, the product makes for a fuller, better quality finish
  • More colour options – Now available in 28 colours as standard to better suit British tastes, with the option of bespoke tinting for larger orders
  • Faster application – Improved drying times help get the job done faster
  • Longer Warranty – Spray Cork now comes with a 25-year product warranty

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No, it is a textured finish. It’s slightly stippled, and it is the granulation of the cork which gives it its performance.

Yes, it is possible to go over existing renders and other substrates and still get a 25-year product warranty. However, just to manage expectations, SprayCork will not hold your wall together so any blown or shot render will need to be rectified first. For example, if you have sand and cement render which is painted and has hairline or settlement cracks, as long as the substrate is solid you can go direct onto the render. The best thing to do is get an Approved Applicator to do a site survey and they will be able to advise you.

Yes, absolutely. Spray Cork will go directly onto pebble dash, roughcast, dry dash, wet dash or stippled paint. Please note the overall thickness of SprayCork is around 6mm so the texture of the dash will still be visible. However, the finish will look more subtle and is very effective. If a smoother finish is required, a base coat will be needed first.

Yes, Spray Cork will stick to any substrate (apart from silicone), including brickwork. As the overall thickness is around 3-4mm you will still see the mortar lines of the bricks. If you want a smoother finish a base coat will need to be applied before spraying the cork. Either finish looks effective so it is purely personal choice and/or budget. If the bricks are dusty a primer may be needed but the Approved Applicator will advise on this. If any pointing is missing this will need to be repaired prior to spraying.

This is probably the most asked technical question. We don’t give a U-Value for the product on its own as that is determined by the complete build of the wall. If you wish to calculate the U-Value of your wall, SprayCork’s Lambda value is 0.058W/mk. We have test results which demonstrate the potential reduction in the U-Value, and these may be viewed in the blog section of our website. As SprayCork is one continuous skin with no joins or gaps, it improves air tightness of the walls which isn’t measured in U-Value testing.

We have a standard colour range with 28 fade resistant colours. We also have a colour pigment machine in house which can make up to 1800 colours so if you have a specific RAL code we can make this colour (min order required 300m2 or development cost on smaller orders) for any commercial property orders.

Yes, you can jet wash the cork but don’t get too close. If the pressure is too high, it will damage the cork (pressured water is a very effective blade!). Cork has anti-microbial properties and naturally resists against algae but an annual clean is recommended.

The product warranty is for 25 years. The warranty covers any issues with the product failing. It excludes damage caused to the product after installation or poor workmanship.